I’m sitting here thinking about how lucky I am to have a man like you. I never really knew what cravings felt like until I met you and your fat cock. I love the way that it feels to have a man with a huge cock. It is a big turn on of mine. Just thinking about how I get to experience a big, fat, veiny, brown fuckstick lodged up my asshole makes me so incredibly wet. In fact, my panties are pretty soaked as I’m writing this. I love how our fantasies are so incredibly hot. You know exactly how to make me cum over and over by showing off your thick sausage from every angle. I absolutely love when you sit back in your chair, spread you legs open wide, and thrust your hips as if my fat ass were sitting right on your throbbing cock, milking it of all its warm, gooey cum. That is the hottest shit ever. Another thing that I love is your voice during sex. I love how you tell me all of the dirty, nasty, perverted things that are going through your mind. I’m glad that you’re a pervert, actually. It makes everything so much better. I love how you wouldn’t care where we are, what we’re doing, or who we’re around. If you want to fuck, we’re going to fuck. I am obliged to please your fat cock no matter what. I enjoy being your fucktoy and dirty girl. You and your cock are all that I need to feel fulfilled. I couldn’t imagine myself doing this for anyone else. You are truly the perfect dom with the perfect cock. <3 


Laser arm…



Code MENT jokes are NOT dead, people.

My road to hell is surely paved with all the love I never gave.